[du:] 1. 3rd person singular present tense - does; verb
1) (used with a more important verb in questions and negative statements: Do you smoke?) εκδήλωση
2) (used with a more important verb for emphasis; ; [ðo sit down])
3) (used to avoid repeating a verb which comes immediately before: I thought she wouldn't come, but she did.)
4) (used with a more important verb after seldom, rarely and little: Little did he know what was in store for him.)
5) (to carry out or perform: What shall I do?; That was a terrible thing to do.) κάνω
6) (to manage to finish or complete: When you've done that, you can start on this; We did a hundred kilometres in an hour.) ολοκληρώνω
7) (to perform an activity concerning something: to do the washing; to do the garden / the windows.) ασχολούμαι με
8) (to be enough or suitable for a purpose: Will this piece of fish do two of us?; That'll do nicely; Do you want me to look for a blue one or will a pink one do?; Will next Saturday do for our next meeting?) είμαι κατάλληλος/ εξυπηρετώ/ κάνω/ αρκώ
9) (to work at or study: She's doing sums; He's at university doing science.) ασχολούμαι με
10) (to manage or prosper: How's your wife doing?; My son is doing well at school.) τα πηγαίνω
11) (to put in order or arrange: She's doing her hair.) τακτοποιώ
12) (to act or behave: Why don't you do as we do?) συμπεριφέρομαι
13) (to give or show: The whole town gathered to do him honour.) αποδίδω
14) (to cause: What damage did the storm do?; It won't do him any harm.) προξενώ
15) (to see everything and visit everything in: They tried to do London in four days.) καλύπτω
2. noun
(an affair or a festivity, especially a party: The school is having a do for Christmas.)
- doings
- done
- do-it-yourself
- to-do
- I
- he could be doing with / could do with
- do away with
- do for
- done for
- done in
- do out
- do out of
- do's and don'ts
- do without
- to do with
- what are you doing with

English-Greek dictionary.

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